Networking with Compuways

Referring leads to us

We will pay anyone up to 10% of the placement fee (this could be anything from R500 - R1000 for supplying us with eligible job specs that result in a successful placement by us. This could lead to a partnership with higher levels of commission if you have strong connections with regards to permanent / contractor recruitment.

We are open to split placements (50/50) with other bona fide recruiters. We would prefer if you are also a member of APSO, like us. We find the APSO code of ethics very relevant and even if you are not an APSO member, we would like to use it as a guideline.


We have an agreement which we will forward you on the start of such a joint venture.

How? - By RSS Feed

Please keep an eye on our Jobs and Candidates by clicking on the RSS Feed icons on our Home page. This will enable you to receive every job we publish on a daily basis. It also will enable you to receive an anonymous profile of every candidate we interview.

Before you start working on a position, please enquire with us, as it might already be a split position with another recruiter.

Even Closer Co-operation

We are able to give you access to our database to log register your candidates with us. Different levels of co-operation is possible where our database system can be used by you to log in from anywhere and recruit with us and other recruiters.

Contact Arnold by clicking here

Franchising with Compuways

We offer franchising opportunities to senior recruiters who want to work
  • for a long-established brand name in the IT industry.
  • on an award-winning recruitment system that learns while you use it
  • reporting and CRM functionality built-in
  • on a solid infrastructure for internet and IT
  • with other recruiters on a centralised database maximising co-operative placements
  • 24 hour support
  • with a strong marketing system to reach candidates and employers continuously
  • 20 year old database with candidates and clients
Franchising opportunites are limited, so our vetting procedure is quite strict. If you feel you can be part of this, please contact us by clicking here.