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Network Specialist

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2016-10-26 09:29:27 AM

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Network Specialist

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Information Technology or Networking

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Information Technology

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Title: Network Specialist
Merchant Services Purpose of the role:
 Produce multi-network designs, architectures network optimisation and ensures that data protection is maintained according to policies.
 Assist other Network and Operations staff to ensure efficient, reliable and secure network infrastructure for the various business services.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE Required Qualification  A bachelors degree in information technology or networking.  Certification in networking from a company accredited institution.  Ample experience working as a network administrator or technician

Experience  5 years experience
Skills & Competencies:  Network design  Security considerations  ISS Background MINIMUM ROLE OUTPUTS

Responsibilities will include:  Drive business profitability in the context of cost management through Information technology solutions.

 Document network support activities.
 Diagnose and offer repair instructions remotely, as well as in person and hands-on work with network related equipment and peripherals.
 Monitor network access for bottlenecks, security Network Specialist
Merchant Services threats or problems with connectivity.  Analyze network data to determine network usage and suggest possible improvements for optimizing usage of installed equipment.
 Ensure correct Change Management is followed for all network changes.
 Ensure that the network is designed and maintained in accordance to current network security policies.
 Organizing, coordinating, integrating, and maintaining network related infrastructure and software configuration tasks.
 Responsible for troubleshooting network related issues. To identify network problems, identify the causes of networking problems using diagnostic testing software and equipment.
 Installing and configuring networking systems and assist in firewalls configuration planning.
 Train and provide support in areas of systems, network and network configuration.
 Manage own development to increase own competencies
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