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Client Service Representative

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2016-09-15 03:49:49 PM

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Client Service Representative

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grade 12 or equivalent

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Job Description:

To provide the customers with excellent service by ensuring that they are served promptly, understanding their needs and processing their requests.

Job Requirements

Achieve net profit growth for business · Achieve the delivery of exceptional customer experience against the Balanced Scorecard standards

· Manage the migration of accounts from transactional to Self Service

· Manage the growth of active customer Account Base to increase client base

· Maximise cross sell opportunities and strengthen client relationships

· Track, control and influence sales activities with the specific aim to achieve previously determined sales targets.

· Provision of an efficient administration service through careful and timeous planning, reporting and updating of all related information

· Comply with governance in terms of legislative and audit requirements

· Check all transactions on a daily basis to ensure new business applications are closed within appropriate timelines.

· Track, control and influence sales and service activities with the specific aim to increase sales and service efficiencies

· Compliance with procedures and processes contained in the Golden Rules.

· Provide accurate and reliable sales and service statistics.

· Manage own development to increase own competencies

Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements associated with this vacancy.

Qualifications and Experience

· Grade 12 or relevant tertiary qualification.

· 1-2 Years related experience

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