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IT Business Analyst (6-month contract)

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2015-02-16 11:27:05 AM

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IT Business Analyst (6-month contract)

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Job Description


Analysis of business requests/projects from IT systems(Aries/Oracle) point of view
Analysis of existing source code/data structure in Aries/Oracle
Analyzing and solving the application issues/incidents
Working with business users - clarifying business needs and finding/proposing the most effective solutions
Working with developers - clarifying the development tasks
Taking part in projects - provide business with all required info from system(Aries/Oracle) side
Testing of developed solutions together with business users
Preparing documentation for Change requests
Preparing documentation for the projects according to CDP methodology
Keeping Internal Control rules in the Change management process
Monitoring the progress of the development of the change requests/Projects
Providing timely feedback on the progress/status of the developments
Keeping communication with business users - on the status of the change requests/projects
Follow Change management process and Incident management process
Provide Architectural input to resolve Business Requirements, mapping business knowledge to technology capability and capacity.
Work closely with the business Analysts and Developers/Support personal to hand over system support knowledge.
Estimate resource requirements for the change requests and projects

Job requirements

-High school or university degree in Information Technology
-3-4 years of IT development experiences
-3-4 years of IT Business analysis experiences
-Extensive Knowledge of Aries Business Logic and how Aries interfaces to Oracle.
-Special skill: 3-4 yrs Oracle PL/SQL, 3-4 yrs Concorde XAL experience
-Experience using CDP and adherence to specific Company methodologies.
-Experience with AIX and Microsoft operating systems.
-Understanding of how different business areas impact on IT systems
-Extensive understanding of the Oracle Data Model and structure and how this interacts with Aries and Business Processes.
-Experience in Multilevel Marketing models and ability to apply to Company Specific models (e.g. ASLF)


-Develop/Prepare options for IT solutions-provide pros/cons arguments behind each option -Estimate resource requirements for each development
-Developed solutions will impact SA market

Personal Attributes

-Capable to work in a matrix environment
-Must be able to work independently and in a team environment.
-Work with business users to find and propose most effective solutions for the business

Problem Solving:

-Strong problem solving capabilities
-Logical and creative thinking

Interpersonal Skills:

-Customer focused, Result oriented
-Regularly Interfaces with other Development Team members, IT Business Analysts, IT Project Managers, users from the Business

Behaviours and technical skills required:

-Communication skills to work with business and developers
-Analytical skills to understand the business processes, system architecture and most effective solutions
-Next step for the position is: Senior IT BA role
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