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Web Designer

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2014-12-09 03:09:48 PM

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Web Designer

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Job Description:
My client an Internationally renowned Company once listed by as #1 most reputable company in the world is looking for a Web designer for a 1year contract commencing 01/2015.

Details of main tasks

1.1. Operations

Development of web applications and email templates
Updating and maintaining existing sites
CI (Corporate Identity) implementation. Apply CI to all web products.
Usability studies and implementation to ensure easy-to-use systems
CMS (Content Management System) training and support for users.
Application and code testing.

1.2. Development Responsibilities

Projects and Maintenance Requests:

Ensure that all processes have been investigated / considered in obtaining the specifications of the user requirements.
Propose and review system design and evaluate alternatives.
Review and present proposed system solution to IT Project Manager / Leader and User Management or System owner.
Develop systems solutions in line with quality and delivery requirements
Ensure that the following steps in the Development Cycle are executed:
- Preparation of system/technical
- documentation (as per ISO standards)
- Preparation of user and operation manual
- User training
- System testing/parallel runs
- Cross browser compatibility
- System implementation
- System audits/quality assurance

1.3. Time estimating

Time estimates have to be adhered to according to projects and operations.
Estimated completion time to be agreed upon by Consultant, Project Manager and User Organisation.

1.4. Control

Control aspects of systems operations

Measuring actual progress against planned objectives.
Inform Project / Operations manager of any deviations from approved / agreed operations and maintenance requests.
Regular reporting on system status.

1.5. Principal accountabilities

Ensure that the timings set by the Project Manager / Operations leader are achieved.
Ensure user satisfaction/acceptance of all completed systems / processes / maintenance requests.
Provide support to all user departments in achieving the approved company technology and software objectives.
Ensure systems compatibility with agreed AG strategies and standards.
Ensure proper maintenance & control of the various systems.
Ensure that all job streams for a system operate correctly prior to hand over to operations.

1.6.Leadership tasks

Ensure that agreed company policies and procedures are adhered to
Ensure user appreciation of the principles of system development
Provide assistance to users in evaluating system proposals
Ensure that team members adhere to the IT Application methodology and standards
Share knowledge and business process with team members to ensure that handover of tasks is a simple and effective one.

Basic Knowledge and skills required

1. Education and experience

Computer literacy
Interpersonal skills
Problem Solving skills
Presentation skills
Ability to meet tight deadlines

2. Software skills

Adobe CS Design Premium:

- Dreamweaver
- Photoshop
FTP System

3. Programming skills

Working knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery and .asp
Standards compliant cross browser coding.
SEO skills

4. General IT Knowledge - practical system knowledge of at least 5 years

5. Diploma in Graphic Design and/or Multimedia

6. Experience in MS Office products (MS Word/Excel etc)

7. Must be competent in:

Multi-media: Flash movies, audio editing, graphics and animation
Development of web applications & solutions to replace manual processes with online systems.
CI (Corporate Identity) implementation. Apply the latest CI to all web products.
Usability studies and implementation to ensure easy-to-use systems
CMS (Content Management System) training and support for content drivers.
Application and code testing.
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Rating: 1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert

Required Job Skills:

Required Software Skills:

Required Business Skills: