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Oracle Developer

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2014-07-09 01:09:18 PM

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Oracle Developer

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Job Description:
Minimum Requirements:

3+ years Systems Development exp.

3+ years Product (Oracle) specific exp.

3 years Oracle PL/SQL exp.


Design skills

Able to work under pressure

A team player that can work alone when required

Able to multitask

Able to work in conditions of change, flexible and open to learn new languages and architecture

Recognise unique demands of IT of non-conventional working hours


Develop and Maintain systems according to specifications

Design and documentation of modules assigned, design review and assistance to be provided by systems analyst and architect

Participation in workshops to determine overall functional design

Generate Reports from data

Develop in a structured environment using versioning control

Support existing systems by Investigating, identifying and rectifying problems.

Investigation & correction of data problems as per data fix policy

Perform Test, debug and quality assure programmed code

Ensure that unit testing is conducted successfully accordingly to the functional specification document, user requirements and test pack.

The use of specific coding standards agreed to from time to time

Logging of time spent on tasks according to time keeping policy

Recognise unique demands of IT of non-conventional working hours (Standby, callout & over time)

Meeting deadlines as agreed Regular status reports, as agreed

Attend all technical, user and team meetings as required

Ability to communicate clearly and to guard all business relationships in a professional way
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Rating: 1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert

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