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Corporate Systems Manager

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2014-07-09 01:16:32 PM

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Corporate Systems Manager

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Relevant undergraduate degree OR diploma OR certificate


5 years experience in ICT business and infrastructure management  Proven Stakeholder Management experience


Corporate Systems Management:

Implement and maintain the Operations Maintenance Plan for the ETC Corporate and all supporting policies, procedures and work instructions.

Monitor and report on compliance to these documented protocols to ensure contractual objectives are achieved.

Facilitate the alignment between the ICT Solution and the business requirements of ETC Solutions by defining an ICT Strategic Roadmap with the portfolio of ICT services.

To facilitate the implementation of the ICT Strategic Roadmap by providing sufficient capacity, availability, security, continuity and risk compliance.

Implement ETC Corporate Information Management Requirements and manage an ICT Solution to provide in the approved requirements.

To manage the implementation and management of the ETC Corporate ICT infrastructure and solutions.

Manage compliances with business governance by following approved processes and business rules.

Project Management Office:

Implement and maintain a project management programme for Corporate Systems Delivery and all supporting documentation, policies and procedures.

Manage individual project/s by following approved procedures.

Prepare and maintain annual Capital budgets, track expenditure against the capital items in accordance with financial processes.

Stakeholder Management:

Manage the relationships with all internal and external Stakeholders as per contractual requirements

To manage and conduct a Risk Analysis per set criteria to determine requirements for mitigations of risks highlighted and ensure the implementation measures for risk mitigation as per agreed protocols. of security
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