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Network Engineer (UBS, SWIFT, CRM, Sybrin)

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2014-07-29 11:58:44 AM

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Network Engineer (UBS, SWIFT, CRM, Sybrin)

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Morningside, Johannesburg

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30 - 40 000pm (Net)

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Job Description:
1. Job purpose:
The purpose of the role is to develop, manage and maintain a high quality IT and network infrastructure for the Bank, that meets the Business requirements associated with availability and performance.
Responsible for the administration, maintenance and support of all ICT systems and networks within the Bank.

2. Dimensions
99.8% Uptime of the following environments up to Operating System level including communications and telephony:
Production Environment DR Environment
Pre-production Environment (If applicable)
Communications Infrastructure
Model Branch
Training Environments
Branch Infrastructure and devices (ATMs, POS)
Telephony where it is dependent on the Network for delivery
Core banking applications such as UBS, SWIFT, CRM, Sybrin

3. Core Job Attributes:

Assist in the planning and implementation of additions, deletions and major modifications to the supporting infrastructure for the country in close cooperation with the IT technical lead at group level for all environments.
Implement network security at country level as established by the Bank security strategy.
Recognizes necessary network improvements and makes suggestions to the CIO and the Chief Architect.
Management and monitoring all in-country and out of country networking infrastructure.
Active and pro-active engagement with vendors or suppliers of services to ensure service delivery.

Communications Infrastructure
Recommend, plan, manage and execute upgrades to network infrastructure and environments on a country and where required assist group-wide initiatives.

Service Delivery
Manage and Monitor the availability of all critical networking infrastructure and logical components
Assist in the coordination and resolution of all service desk activities assigned to Infrastructure Support.
Ensure all calls logged are displayed in an appropriate and visible manner to the service desk by means of physical screens or web interface solutions.
Ensure calls are closed and managed (aggressively) and ensure calls are properly closed following appropriate governance in terms of documentation, change management and update of asset register, change log, CMDB, architectural documents, licensing and other relevant information to be updated.
Ensure all configuration changes and all infrastructure has their configuration data backed up in a secure location which is accessible in the event of a component failure
Ensure documentation is updated in Sharepoint on the network.
Provide updated and technical dashboards to the countries.
Manage all calls raised to Vendors for problems occurring with the Bank or affecting the Bank’s Networking infrastructure

Help decide, in conjunction with corporate leadership, which software and hardware products and other equipment are most suited for use.
Manage the recommended software and micro-code versions on all Network infrastructure to ensure that all devices are at a level not less than n-2 and not ahead of n+2 levels
Document and maintain accurate asset register of all infrastructure and software licenses in line with the Architecture Blueprint and stored in the CMDB.
Assist in IT-related asset purchases on a company-wide basis.
Meticulous management of employee and contractor desktops and laptops (new joiners and employees or contractors leaving).

Production Support
Manage and monitor all environments as stipulated in Section 2 above.
Ensure backup strategy with appropriate hardware and software is rolled out and executed.
Communicate to management all and any resources required to assist in rolling out this strategy.
Closely liaise, schedule and help support DR and BC initiatives in line with the Service Delivery Manager and the Group IT support technical leads.
Develop management systems and effective reporting on Infrastructure under Section 2, which assists Operations and Service Delivery in managing their deliverables associated with effective reporting and improving Service Delivery
Maintain continuous feedback on any open calls with respect to progress
Ensure all Service calls that are closed have accurate and explicit reasons for closing with emphasis on root cause analysis
Ensure that all problem resolution “fixes” are propagated through the organization to improve Service Delivery
Flag and assist in the resolution of open calls.
Assist the Service Delivery Manager and the Group CIO with any open or negative audit findings.
Perform full quality assurance of work performed by vendors in country before payment will be considered.
This includes quality assurance of technical work, assessment of timesheet delivered and evaluation of quality of documentation provided.

PMO Support
Assist and communicate to the Service Delivery Manager, the PMO expectations related to hardware, software and other requirements.
Ensure the production environment is implemented in line with the ARB recommendations of the Chief Architect. Assist and communicate to the Service Delivery Manager “environments” required and scheduled or booked by the PMO office.
Assist in the establishment of processes, procedures and provide input into policies to better align the PMO with IT production.
Assist the PMO and Chief Architect with the standardisation of the Branch Infrastructure. Meticulous update and sign-off of new hardware, software and licensing introduced in the production environment.
Provide full support to the PMO office understanding that production issues will always have priority. Pro-actively communicate to the head of PMO and Service Delivery Manager if there is not capacity to assist on a project or projects.

Knowledge and Experience:
A Degree or Post Graduate Degree with IT or Business Administration focus is essential for this position

Technology knowledge and experience
Minimum of 5 years solid Networking Experience
Experience in banking and or retail environment is considered valuable
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Rating: 1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert

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