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Packaging Engineer

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2016-07-07 01:09:10 PM

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Packaging Engineer

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R52000 CTC

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BSc Engineering

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  • To ensure optimum utilisation of plant, raw materials and people, to produce quality product at minimum cost which meets customer requirements while complying with legislation.


  • Education B SC Degree in Engineering with Government Certificate Experience in a packaging environment or FMCG would be advantageous
  • Experience 5 – 8 years Engineering experience of which at least 3 years must be in a management role, within the FMCG environment
  • SAP Experience


  • Strategic planning for volume growth, new product variations and possible plant rationalisations
  • Management of Group Capital Projects World Class
  • Maintenance systems and Practices Environmental sustainability System Alignment 
  • Team Leadership


  • Lead the engineering team in a manner that engenders ownership, empowerment and team interaction
  • Partake in the development of the asset care plan for the packaging hall contributing suggestions and providing expert advice
  • Implement the asset care plan for the packaging hall, ensuring that the Engineering team has the required competencies
  • Audit compliance to the asset care programme by both the engineering team and the shift base teams
  • Ensure that asset care competencies are developed in the engineering team.
  • Where training needs have been identified, through the training controller, ensure these are addressed
  • Exercise budgetary controls over the asset care requirements of the packaging hall
  • Lead the engineering team in the provisioning of asset care and engineering support to the shift based production teams
  • Verifies that the engineering team are carrying out routine and planned maintenance, and validates quality of work
  • Verifies that the maintenance systems are working properly and that data integrity and information accuracy is maintained
  • Reviews plant reliability to ensure that equipment is operating optimally and to identify problems or opportunities timeously
  • Takes part in maintenance problem solving, and ensure that the engineering team is applying the correct problem solving techniques
  • Analyses plant performance data to identify opportunities for improvement to plant performance and initiates opportunity evaluation
  • Analyses plant failure modes and investigate causes for repeat failures to correct root causes
  • Takes part in evaluating continuous improvement opportunities identified by the production teams or engineering support. 
  • Ensures that continuous improvement is built into engineering team goals and forms part of regular goal review sessions
  • Conduct regular engineering team goal review sessions, and conduct regular one-on-one and performance reviews
  • Ensure appropriate competencies are developed in the team, and ensure cross skilling occurs within the engineering team
  • Ensure training need analyses are conducted and training plans developed for team members
  • Ensure that the engineering team apply proper safety and housekeeping procedures, and adhere to all legal requirements when carrying out their tasks
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