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IT Project Manager

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2013-12-10 09:47:13 AM

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IT Project Manager

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Gallo Manor, Johannesburg

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Job Description:
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The successful incumbent will be responsible for

- Maintaining a detailed project schedule which includes administrative tasks

- Participation in Project Team Meetings

- Maintaining Project Managers calendars

- Preparing and or editing meeting minutes, presentations

- Filing all project documents (hard and soft copies)

- Tracking project changes and producing updated schedule as agreed with Project Manager

- Compiling Project Management Documents as per the Project Management Methodology

- Adopting and deploying the COMPANY PMO/SDLC Methodology , CDP

- Updating and maintaining portfolio on Clarity

Key Competencies

- IT related degree or Project Management degree or certificate or equivalent or studying towards PM Certification

- At least 3 to 5 year of experience

Special skills

- Microsoft Office Skills

- Project Management Methodology knowledge

- MS Projects and Visio skills

- Excellent interrelationship skills, written and spoken English excellent

- Willingness to learn

- Ability to adapt to CDP and Clarity

Key Accountabilities

- Compile and Edit and Maintain project documents

- Prepare minutes from previous meetings and prepare for next meetings with all the relevant documentation

- Set up meetings with all relevant members

- Track project changes as agreed with the project manager

- File all project documents (hard and soft copies)

Business Expertise

- Knowledge of PMO process

- Willing to learn, adapt and adhere to COMPANY CDP

- Some knowledge of the Industry will be advantageous, however this is not a requirement


- Interpersonal skills are very important

- Not required to manage people, but will be required to follow up on tasks

- No Team leadership is required

Problem Solving

- Not complex, however, tasks are time sensitive

- Completing all documentation and administration on time

- Ensuring other resources complete their tasks on time


- No major decision making required, as instructions will need to be carried out most of the time

- Any decisions made will impact on the entire Department Interpersonal Skills:

- The ability to communicate effectively with other support resources

- The ability to maintain relationships with Contractors , developers

- The ability to fulfil tasks and meeting requests

- Negotiation of missed deadlines

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