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Senior Oracle Developer

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Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy):

2014-06-12 10:37:24 AM

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Position Name:

Senior Oracle Developer

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Project Location:

Gallo Manor, Johannesburg

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Market Related

Academic Qualification/s:

5+ years of IT Development experience

Industrial Qualification/s:

Project/SDLC/CDP methodology.

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Job Description:

- Oracle (and Aries) Snr. Developer

o Develop new front end modules/scripts/procedures for Order Management System (OMS) - Aries/

o Analysing and solving complex application issues, incidents or queries.

o Developing, testing and delivering fixes for application issues or incidents in a timely manner.

o Working with IT BAs (and business partners when required) to understand business requests then propose possible solutions and system related information.

o Task definition and documentation for proposed solutions/changes/fixes.

o Provide feedback in projects on how new implementations or changes will impact the local/regional/global

o Architectural input to meet business requirements, mapping business knowledge to technology capability

o Work closely with the IT BAs, fellow Developers and other IT teams to hand over system knowledge

This will include documenting solutions/implementations/etc for the IT knowledge base.

o Making sure all production interfaces are stable and able to be monitored effectively by the IT Ops team.

o Standby duties/tasks and support after hours (rotated throughout the Development Team)

o Occasional extended working hours required for critical incidents or project deliverables and urgent

o Adherence, plus correct & timely administration, of Incidents and Change Request processes

o Expectation management with stakeholders, consistently done in a timely and proactive manner

o Adhering to company Internal Controls and/or IT Governance standards. Including bi-annual testing thereof.

o Peer reviewing of source code developed as well as unit-testing done by/with fellow developers before

o Agreeing implementation dates/deadlines with BAs, other Developers, Business and IT Management.

o Monitoring of implemented solutions during post-implementation period.

o Ensuring adherence to companies SDLC/CDP together with the Project Management team.


- University degree advantageous , Preferably in

Information Technology

5+ years of IT Development experience

- Knowledge of Aries OMS and how it interfaces to the

Oracle DB advantageous.

- Special skill: Excellent Oracle PL/SQL abilities,

Concorde XAL experience also advantageous.

- Experience and intimate knowledge of standard Project/

SDLC/CDP methodology.

- Experience with AIX and LINUX operating systems.

Business Expertise

- Understanding of business processes and

dependencies in the system , Information gathering,

mostly with the BAs.

- Demonstrated success of supporting, and interacting

with Sr. Management.

- Extensive understanding of the Oracle Data Model and

structure, as well as how it interacts with Aries OMS

and Business Processes.

Intimate understanding of IT processes and governance.

- Experience in IT within the Fast Moving Consumer

Goods sector advantageous.

Problem Solving

Strong problem solving capabilities required.

- Ability to work as a team and individually on incidents,

changes and new projects.

Logical and creative thinking.


- Develop/Prepare options for IT solutions , provide pros/

cons arguments behind each option

- Developed solutions will impact SA market and possibly

regional/global interfaces.

Interpersonal Skills

Interaction with executives, fellow managers and IT +

business colleagues encouraged.

- Customer focused and result oriented.

- Regularly Interfaces with other developer colleagues,

BAs, Project Managers and users from the Business.

- Able to work well with colleagues and handle conflict


- Self motivated & results driven in the face of sizeable


- Must be unafraid to share new ideas and bring fresh

thinking to own/all IT teams.
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