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Software Engineer

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2016-07-04 10:38:53 AM

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Software Engineer

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Diploma/ Degree IT

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Job Description: To develop and maintain in-house applications across all platforms and support of third party applications.

The position is based in Pretoria.

Tasks and Responsibilities:  Create and update system and operating manuals pertaining to in-house development  Setup and maintain in-house SQL databases as well as third party SQL databases  Maintenance/enhancements of in-house software applications  Ensure testing, roll out and training of users on developed systems  Develop software application as setup in the system requirement  Document system requirements based on business software and ensure final sign-off  Maintain and support other team members in general IT functions  Participate in the identification of specific business software requirements

Minimum Requirements:  3 year National Higher Diploma / Degree in ICT related field (Computer Science, Information Systems, Technology & engineering)  Ability to develop software in C#, .Net, Visual Basic and extensive knowledge of Macros – PLEASE INDICATE ON CV  Excellent knowledge of Relational databases, SQL and Microsoft office suite – PLEASE INDICATE ON CV  Web development will be an advantage  5 years working experience in the ICT field in a large corporate organisation  Valid drivers’ license

Other Skills/Competencies:  Teamwork skills  Numerical and analytical skills  Ability to work to another’s design  Customer relations - ability to deal at all levels in the organization and with external customers  Situational analysis and problem solving
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