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EMEA Systems Analyst (Marketing)

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2013-10-23 01:15:10 PM

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EMEA Systems Analyst (Marketing)

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Gallo Manor, Johannesburg

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R315ctc max

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Position Summary

SA Systems Junior Analyst is an interdisciplinary specialist position working across EMEA, Marketing, IT, Supply Chain, Finance and Project Management.

The person on this position is responsible for providing systems support for SA marketing team:

  • Leading systems issues solution process for GSAM or MAPS ( Marketing Systems specific to Company) (gathering issues, representing EMEA marketing in contacts with IT and acting as business leader in this process)

  • SA & EMEA marketing systems administration. Day-to-day maintenance, verification of data consistency between all systems used by Marketing and Supply Chain. To provide accurate and timely analysis on the data flowing from Marketing Systems to Supply Chain ones, to identify the aberrations within the transferred horizon. Recording and passing to IT ideas from marketing about systems improvements.

  • Providing system trainings for new systems users in SA Marketing departments

  • Acting as first line of support for Commercial Marketing team in connection to Horizon, eProfile and CM issues, questions

  • Leading new system versions testing for GSAM or MAPS. To provide an input and co-ordination to integrated testing process, ensuring that all assumptions are considered when developing a list of requirements (representing SA & EMEA marketing in contacts with IT and acting as business leader in this process, having knowledge to cover both systems)

  • Line number management (final approval of assigned LNs) – if process is implemented in country of responsibility(currently not in South Africa)

Principal Duties

Keep in mind that 20% equals 1 day per week

Order of Importance


(major tasks and activities)

% of Time Spent Annually


  • Leading systems issues solution process for GSAM or MAPS



  • EMEA Marketing systems administration, leadership of system day-to-day maintenance, verification of data consistency between Marketing related systems, feedback recording



  • Providing system trainings for new systems users in SA Marketing departments



  • Horizon, eProfile and CM issues



  • Leading new system versions testing for GSAM or MAPS



Job Requirements:

  • Education required

  • Years of experience

  • Special skills required for position

  • University master degree

  • Business knowledge – experience outside Company not required

  • Business knowledge – experience in EMEA Marketing Systems team not required

  • MS Office specially Excel and Access;

  • Very good MS Visual Basic knowledge;

  • Project management;

  • Fluent English;

  • Very good communication skills;

  • Microstrategy knowledge – additional benefit;

  • Good stress management is a must;

Business Expertise:

  • Describe to what extent the position is coordinating and/or integrating the work of other groups.

  • How much knowledge about the overall industry is required and how is it used?

  • That person is a “link” between EMEA Marketing and Global and Regional IT teams. Will coordinate business users needs with solutions received from IT.

  • Some of experience (in connection to complexity of relation between systems and its impact on EMEA Marketing activities) can be gained only in EMEA Marketing Systems team


  • Describe the incumbent’s people management and project management responsibilities.

  • Does the incumbent lead one team, multiple teams or a broad diverse function

  • Very good time management and communication skills together with stress management.

  • Ability of working with the people from different organization layers and multicultural environment.

  • Matrix management of various Regional and Global IT and EMEA Marketing teams while issue solving

Problem Solving:

  • Describe the complexity of this position.

  • Describe the challenges and issues the incumbent is typically required to resolve.

  • System problems solving required by EMEA users. Issue collection, problems delivery to IT (UK, US), problems solutions testing provided by IT, sharing new functionalities with business users together with needed trainings.


  • Describe the major decisions the incumbent is responsible for.

  • Where is the primary impact of decisions made (department, function, country, region, corporate).

  • Priority management for registered bugs

  • Communication between Global and Regional IT and EMEA Marketing.

  • Main impact on EMEA Marketing users and Global and Regional IT (UK, US).

  • Critical impact on EMEA Marketing planning and plans execution by ensuring correctness of data (Line Numbers) and correctness of data flow (forecast to EMEA Supply Chain, sales results to EMEA Marketing)

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Who does the incumbent regularly interface with and at what level (senior management, VP, director, manager, professional, support)?

  • Describe the position’s relationships with people or organizations outside of Company (vendors, contractors, consultants, etc.)

  • What type of information is exchanged or negotiated? Describe the impact of failure to successfully manage relationships.

  • Everyday work with specialists (EMEA Marketing; Global and Regional IT).

  • Frequent contacts with managers (EMEA Marketing; Global and Regional IT).

Scope (monetary and non-monetary):

  • Indicate the volume and financial responsibilities of the position such as: budget, revenue, profit plan expenditures, SKUs, number of representatives, # of orders processed, etc.

Budget: n/a

Revenue whole EMEA cluster sales

# Direct Staff: none

# Indirect Staff: none


Format: Skill Description (Rating 1-5,Experience in Months)
Rating: 1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert

Required Job Skills:

Required Software Skills:

Required Business Skills: