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Technical Architect (Consultant)

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2013-05-22 02:41:01 PM

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Technical Architect (Consultant)

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Job Description

Technology Consulting professionals are responsible for delivering technology
innovation and providing the backbone of our systems integration business. A
Technology Architect is someone with a keen interest in pursuing a career in
technology architecture and who has initial experience and a track record across a
subset of architecture disciplines, on one or more platforms. Technology Architects
are characterized by their demonstration of important base skills on technology
platform/s, expertise in basic architectural concepts and a demonstrated ability to
design and deliver across multiple areas of Technology Architecture.
Key responsibilities may include:
Driving, supervising and reviewing technology diagnosis and assessment activities
Identifying opportunities for technology-related improvement based on benchmark
data and doing high-level cost benefit analysis
Developing a high level design which supports a robust technology solution, taking
into account the user requirements, technical requirements, etc.
Driving technology architecture and infrastructure design activities
Reviewing and supervising design components
Developing design and transition approaches
Driving and supervising technology build, test and deployment activities
Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and supporting application development


Required Qualifications - Technical Degree(s) or B. Tech
3 to 5 years relevant experience

Required Skills:
Architecture Consulting or experience in:
- Technology and Technical Architecture;
- Service Orientated Architecture; and
- Enterprise Integration Architecture
- Solution Architecture specialists across various industries.
Experience in various technologies and architectures with a desire to follow a
structured architecture career path.

Professional Skill Requirements
Proven success in contributing to a team-oriented environment
Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
Desire to work in an information systems environment
Excellent leadership, communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills
Ability to meet travel requirements, when applicable

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Rating: 1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert

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