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Business Analyst

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2012-11-29 01:37:01 PM

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Business Analyst

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R 330-380k Annual CTC

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Tertiary prefered

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Business Analyst

We are recruiting a team of Java/PHP Developers who will be developing an E-Learning solution for a prominent educational institution.

At least 3 to 5 years solid business analysis experience is required. He will be sitting between the users of the E-Learning system and the software developers.

His purpose will be to translate user requirements into software development specifications for the developers.

He will also be making sure that the testing of the software is tested properly before delivery to the developers.

We are building on top of an existing application called OpenBravo. This has Java Tomcat containers. It is built on OpenJDK which is similar to J2EE but open sourced.
Please note that there may be various different requirements over time so this is where we are now. There are opportunities to build even further. Our business is on a growth path which means that we need a lot more than we have and we use what we have because it is the best way we know. We are open to possibilities.

Format: Skill Description (Rating 1-5,Experience in Months)
Rating: 1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert

Required Job Skills:
SDLC : Business Analysis, User interfacing, producing specs for developers (Case Tools, Meth)

Required Software Skills:
Meth UML (5,48-54)
Case Tool VISIO (5,48-54)

Required Business Skills:
Education (5,30-36)