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.Net Developer

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2012-10-01 09:58:37 AM

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.Net Developer

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Academic Qualification/s:

BSC or equivalent degree

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Job Description:

The candidate will be responsible for operational and procedural functions and all surrounding interfaces. The role will involve project and business as usual development, the resolution of user issues and requests as well as maintenance of systems and related interfaces

Duties, Responsibilities and Accountabilities

The candidate will have the have the following duties, responsibilities and accountabilities:

 Develop, design and implement solutions in the projects and business as usual space on in house GUIs and system integration (MMTicket, EDTrader, Whiteboard, FX replacement integration, CFDs web sites etc.)

 Assist in maintenance and production support on systems

 Ownership of all tasks allocated to him/her

 Responsible for quality delivery

Education, skills and specialist knowledge required:

BSC or equivalent degree

4 years experience in a similar role.

 Knowledge or experience in WPF, WCF, C#, MS SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Studio 2010 or higher, XML, XSLT, .net framework 3.5 and higher, pub sub technologies, UDP Socket connection development knowledge

 An understanding of IT and project methodologies.

 Knowledge of W3C guidelines and best practices

 Knowledge of UML and formal specification methodologies

 Knowledge of web development being Javascript and HTML5 (MVC)

Other requirements specific to the role or Individuals core competencies:

Prioritization, flexibility and multi-tasking skills

Personal Attributes:

Ability to multi task and prioritise and deliver to milestones

 Ability to report to a senior developer and work independently once given tasks.

 Ability to interact with people from all areas of treasury.

 Take ownership of tasks assigned.

 Customer focused attitude.

 Team player and good interpersonal and communication skills.

 Follow issues and concerns through to delivery and solution

 Analytical, with excellent problemsolving skills.

 Assertive contributor to discussions with a collaborative approach

 Attention to detail

 Ability to bridge gap between theory and practice and document findings professionally.

 Ability to work and perform in an unstructured environment and flexibility to change.

 Ability to deal with pressure and remain level headed.

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