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Java Developer

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2013-01-07 01:14:24 PM

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Java Developer

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Duties and Responsibilities include: The Java Developer will work closely with the Team Leader and CTO to deliver a high quality product. The Java developer will be held responsible for the success of the project to the same extent as every other team member. Support applications written in Java. Develop test and document solutions which adhere to best practices and that fit into the existing framework. Develop new software. Maintenance and support of solutions. Stay abreast of Java technology and best practices. Education & Qualifications: An IT related degree BTech (IT), B Sc or BComm Java programmer certification will be an added advantage Skills/knowledge and experience required to perform optimally in role: 2 - 4 years programming experience in Java. Experience in OO design. Knowledge of J2EE, Java, HTML5, Jquery, JavaScript, CSS and Ajax. Experience in mobile application development (advantageous) Exposure to the full software life cycle. Use of bug tracking systems. Proven experience of meeting deadlines and delivering quality code. Competencies required performing optimally in role: Strong interpersonal skills. Problem solver. Good communicator. Positive attitude. Good time management. Ability to work in a team. Ability to work under pressure.
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