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Lead / Principal Java Developer x 2 (C,C++,Python

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2012-09-26 02:23:22 PM

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Lead / Principal Java Developer x 2 (C,C++,Python

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Masters degree in Electrical / Electronic

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Lead a team of software engineers, working across disciplines with researchers and experts to conceptualise and develop high technology software solutions for clients.
Responsible for technical leadership on large and complex projects, using cutting-edge technology and innovative designs.
Assist the principal systems architect in high level system design and integration and will lead the development activities that translate that design into working systems.
Expected to contribute to the technology research of the group and to create and publish research outputs, such as scientific conference papers and journal articles, in selected topics of interest.

Qualifications, skill and experience

A Masters degree in electronic engineering, computer science or information technology. Registration for further studies towards a doctoral degree would be advantageous.
A minimum of five years’ experience in software development and engineering, particularly in large, complex projects. Experience leading development using test-driven approaches and agile methods (e.g. SCRUM) is required.
Experience with the following would be advantageous
C, C++
Python and other programming languages
Indigenous knowledge systems
Open source software systems and licences
Semantic digital library technologies
Fedora Commons repository
Dynamic metadata systems and interchange formats
Multimedia processing for preservation and web access
System integration
Mobile technologies,
Convergence and next generation telecommunications applications
Mobile user experience
Semantic web technologies and
Digital libraries.
Furthermore, a deep knowledge of the following is required
Software development
Software engineering
Web application architectures
Systems integration
Enterprise Java
Seam 3
Java EE Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR 299)
Java Server Faces web frontend component technology
Hibernate persistence/ORM
XML and Web services, Open and Service-oriented Architectures.
Ability to work on complex projects with uncertain or evolving requirements.
Ability to find creative technical solutions to problems.
Ability to effectively lead a development team.

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