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Silverlight Developer

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2011-11-16 08:38:28 AM

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Silverlight Developer

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R35 500-R45 900

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BSc or Bcom or Diploma

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POSITION: Silverlight Developer


REPORTS TO: Software Development Manager

PURPOSE OF THE JOB: To take responsibility for a holistic solution by developing code for new projects, sub projects or changes, additions or enhancements to existing projects and to drive the business solution to meet specific business requirements.

To receive guidance and coaching on design and approach for more complex projects.


  1. Design changes, additions or enhancements to existing systems

  2. Develop new application code for projects, product releases and ad hocs

  3. Technical Testing

  4. Coaching of other developers

  5. Systems documentation and MK administration


(The individual activities that make up the job)

What must be done?


(The performance measurement standard)

How the task must be done?


Why the task must be done?

  1. Design changes, additions or enhancements to existing systems

Design changes, additions or enhancements to existing systems as per the relevant technical specification.

Thoroughly investigate each incident, analyse the incident, recommend solutions, consulting and collaborating with the software development manager, and other developers in order to write the best possible solution/resolve the incident with due regard to continuous improvement. Keep the RT Incident Tracking system updated. When writing the best possible solution due consideration must be given to best practices, continuous improvement, IT Strategy and IT technical architecture as well as the impact on existing functionality and applications.

These changes could be requested due to actions resulting from incidents, changes to programs or ad hoc requests.

For system design changes dictated to by incidents due priority must be given as dictated by the urgency and the importance of the incident.

To continually optimise the efficiency of systems

  1. Develop new application code for projects, product releases and ad hoc s

Conform to the System development life cycle with due regard to the steps involved and where the Developer fits in. Developer to take responsibility for a holistic solution and to drive the business solution from technical analysis, design, coding, testing and through to implementation release.

Give input as may be required to the Business Analyst for assistance in the development of the Business Specification or Software Requirement Specification.

Once the Business Specification or Software Requirement Specification has been signed off – interpret the requirements and interview the business owner, if necessary, to obtain the required level of clarity and understanding as well as to ensure that nothing has been omitted.

Due consideration must be given to best practices, continuous improvement, IT technical architecture as well as the impact on existing functionality and applications.

Working with and according to the documents signed off in the analysis, design and planning phases – design code within the agreed time lines and according to accepted standards and technical specifications.

Development must be submitted for code review when required.

The project time line must be managed using an initial estimation and plan followed by regular updates and feedback to the project manager. Attend project meetings or other meetings when required.

During the Implementation cycle participate in the relevant meetings, assist the Implementation Manager in developing checks lists and contingency plans, providing implementation details and perform all clean up as required

At the end of the project all technical documentation must be completed according to the relevant Standard Operating Pocedure’s (SOP’s)

Liaise with relevant the company staff in terms of specific project/sub project requirements and the impact arising from the project/sub project requirements.

To ensure that new development does not impact negatively on existing systems, but meets technical standards and business requirements.

3. Technical testing

A test plan must be drawn up if required. All development work must be thoroughly technically tested against the technical specification before handing over to Project Quality Management (PQM) for final testing. Testing must ensure that programs function technically and that the work flow conforms to the design.

This testing must be inclusive of dependent resources.

Be responsible for the full handover of the release which includes all code relevant to the release and technical documentation and any other dependencies. Be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate people are informed of and make the appropriate changes to the environment prior to handover. Also be responsible for ensuring that the code can run on the recipient’s environment.

Testing must be signed off on the developers release form which must also be signed off by the Software Development Manager.

Work with and respond to all the testers’ queries promptly to ensure bug fixes take place.

To ensure that the development work meets the business user’s business requirement as contained in the technical specification.

6. Professional Development (receiving coaching form Senior Developers, Analysts and Software Development Manager)

Be responsible for driving the acquisition of skills necessary to bridge the gap between a developer and a senior developer by

  • submitting development work for peer code reviews, standard review

  • be open for coaching from more peers on the anomalies found.

  • From time to time take independent action to promote communication and learning by sharing knowledge and innovations with the rest of the team.

  • Be willing to be assigned to a more senior person to assist with assimilation into the the company culture and cross skilling on applications.

  • Be willing to participate in cross skilling activities for own growth.

To ensure that the general standard of the department is raised through a collective team effort.

To ensure quality and conformance to standard

7. Documentation (administration)

For all development work completed a technical specification (including the process and logic flow, the testing considerations and the restart and recovery possibilities) and a release form must be completed according to the SOP.

All MK related documentation must be complete on time namely:

  • timesheets

  • max documents

  • leave forms

  • etc

For use in maintaining the application


(Who will he/she communicate with outside of the office in order to meet his/her objectives?)

  • External Customer depending on development requirements

  • External IT contractors

  • Internal and external auditors


(What are the minimum educational requirements for this position?)

  • Matric

  • Related tertiary qualification will be an advantage – B Sc, B Com, Technikon diploma

  • Formal programming diploma


(What experience is required to manage this function successfully?)

  • Up to 5 years C# coding experience and or analyst programmer experience

  • Silverlight 4 Experience

  • Strong Technical system Background

  • System Analysis & Design


(What skills are required to manage this function successfully?)

  • Demonstrable ability to develop fully functional and independent applications.

  • Know and understand SQL.

  • Cross platform exposure will be beneficial

  • Ability to code programs that implement complete and efficient error handling.

  • Must have the technical knowledge to produce efficient code which meets all the company standards and adopted industry standards

  • Understand relational databases.

  • Inter system communication/ System integration knowledge (nice to have)


  • Technical Professional knowledge

  • Building Strategic Working relationships

  • Contributing to team success

  • Managing conflict

  • Work Standards

  • Managing work

  • Decision Making

  • Adaptability

  • Continuous Learning

  • Stress Tolerance


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