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Relationship Manager - Banking

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2013-07-08 02:47:55 PM

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Relationship Manager - Banking

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R350-R400k ctc

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Job Mission / Objective

To manage and grow the allocated client portfolio of business clients by retaining and expanding existing clients and attracting new clients to the Bank in the medium to small corporate segment.

Impact on Business Results

  • Interest and non-interest income

  • New client growth

Figures Affected by the Role (KPIs)


  • Interest and non-interest income


  • Client retention/attraction through proactive activities

Staff Supervised

Direct Reports:

  • Account Analyst

Indirect Reports

  • None

Sales/Financial: achieve set sales and financial revenue target. Manage and grow the allocated portfolio from within and acquiring new clients in the chosen target market and segment. Cross sell products/services to maximize value extraction from the portfolio. Balance portfolio in terms of advances and deposits.

Service: Ensure personal one touch service to clients through direct sales support staff in business suite as well as support from the HO staff in general.

Credit/Risk: Undertake the necessary tasks on a daily basis to ensure credit risk is contained at acceptable levels in the portfolio. Ensure high quality credit applications and quality of clients in portfolio

Operational: compliance to all credit, risk and general operational policies/procedures as well as regulatory compliance.

Personal sales/service action planning

General regulatory and bank policies to be maintained

Manage/develop direct reports where applicable, including performance management and appraisal


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