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Professional Nurse

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2016-06-28 04:50:16 PM

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Professional Nurse

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Degree / Diploma Nursing

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Job Description:

Job Description:

The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring the provision of a quality, ethical and legally compliant Occupational Health and Primary Health Care Service within the relevant legislative framework.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

 Establish and maintain programmes for the following:

 Health Risk Assessments, Biological Monitoring and Medical Surveillance

 Primary Health Care

 HIV/Aids and Tuberculosis

 Chronic Disease Management, Disability and Incapacity

 Emergency Preparedness and management of emergencies

 Assist in the management of Injuries on Duty

 Assist in the management of Occupational Diseases

 Assist and participate during health campaigns

 Ensure Health and Hygiene promotion and integration with Employee Assistance Programs

 Update and maintain all medical records and registers

 Update and maintain first aid equipment and inspections of first aid rooms

 Ensure adherence to Codes of Practice for Medical Fitness, Standard, Procedures and Protocols

 Ensure personal and co-workers adherence and compliance to Security and the Company’s SHE objectives

 Work according to the Mine’s Code of Practice, and report any observations of this not being done

Minimum Requirements:

 Relevant Degree/ Diploma in Nursing with General Psychiatry, Community , Primary Health and an additional qualification in Occupational Health/Community Health

 Registered with SANC as a Professional Nurse

 Registered with SASOHN

 Dispensing Certificate

 Audiometry Certificate with instruction 171 update

 Spirometry Certificate

 HIV Certificate

 3-5 years nursing experience in Primary Health Care and/or Occupational Health

 Computer Literate in Microsoft Office Suite and Windows System

Other Skills / Competencies

 Sound verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills in English and one other official language

 Independent, proactive thinking and have the ability organise and plan

 Ability to work independently and as part of the team

 Quality and caring focused

 Good interpersonal relationship skills

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