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J2EE Developer

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2013-07-16 08:55:38 AM

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J2EE Developer

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Centurion, Pretoria

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Responsible for Building reports, source code, Executable, release notes. Developer also performs application build readiness, designs, unit tests, assembly test, build- , review-, test of application, install and configure own work station. Ability to work independently with minimal assistance Software development/programming experience Strong problem solving skills: able to logically break down a problem into smaller manageable parts to solve Understanding of basic object-oriented concepts Knowledge of how to develop other aspects of the application Perform the detailed design of application and technical architecture components and classes. Develop scripts to create/load common test data. Configure, build, and test the application or technical architecture components and classes. Work with other developers, designers, and architects to make sure that the configuration and custom components meet application requirements and performance goals. Follow good security coding practices to ensure the application is free of most common coding vulnerabilities. Participate in code reviews. Perform code profiling by using appropriate tools to confirm coding compliance with application development standards. Check code coverage of unit and assembly tests and ensure it meets expectations. Document the code during development to ensure maintainability. Inform the technical architect and project manager of any issues that may affect any other areas of the project. Participate in transitions of the application or technical architecture components to the testers. Fix any defects and performance problems discovered during testing. Document the application to facilitate maintenance.
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Required Job Skills:
ITc : Administration - Network or Server Operating System (O/S)(N/w)(Security)

Required Software Skills:
O/s UNIX (,)

Required Business Skills: