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Skills Summary of Candidate 45624

Employment Details:

Compuways ID:45624
Best Skills:MS Server, MSExchange, Cisco
Experience in Best Skills:108-114
Total Experience:108-114
Salary Required:R15 000 or more
Academic Qualification:Software Engineering
Industrial Qualification:Cisco CCNA
Current Location:Randburg
For Locations:Gauteng

1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert


Job Skills:

ITs : Support End User / Server, Workstation - Hardware, Networking, Cabling (H/w)(O/S)(N/w)(4,108-114)
ITc : Management of Facilities (hardware / networking inclined) (O/s)(N/w)(H/w)(4,108-114)
ITc : Administration - Network or Server Operating System (O/S)(N/w)(Security)(4,108-114)

Software Skills:

O/s VMWARE (4,108-114)
Prot NETWARE (4,108-114)
Prot POP3 (4,108-114)
Prot SMTP (4,108-114)
Prot TCP / IP (4,108-114)
N/w HUBS / BRIDGES / ROUTERS (4,108-114)
N/w CISCO (4,108-114)
Office MS WORD (4,108-114)
Office MS POWERPOINT (4,108-114)
Office MS OFFICE (4,108-114)
Office MS EXCELL (4,108-114)
Db SQL SERVER (4,108-114)
O/s MS Windows Server (4,108-114)
O/s MS Exchange Server (4,108-114)

Business Skills:

IT - Systems Integration (4,108-114)
IT - Systems Architecture (4,108-114)
IT - Security (4,108-114)
IT - Networking - WAN (Wide Area Networks) (4,108-114)
IT - Networking - LAN (Local Area Networks) (4,108-114)
IT - Networking (4,108-114)
IT - Internet (4,108-114)
IT - Disaster Recovery (4,108-114)
IT - Data Warehousing (4,108-114)
IT - Configuration Management (4,108-114)


Candidate has been with his current company for almost two years and feels very limited in terms of applying and utilising his knowledge and skills. As such, he is stagnating.

He is extremely serious about his career, expanding his knowledge and strives to make a difference and add value.
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