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Skills Summary of Candidate 40093

Employment Details:

Compuways ID:40093
Experience in Best Skills:42-48
Total Experience:42-48
Salary Required:R120 p/hour
Academic Qualification:Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
Industrial Qualification:PGDCA
Current Location:Midrand
For Locations:Anywhere

1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert


Job Skills:

SDLC : Systems Analysis, Programming (Back-End)(Lng)(4,30-36)

Software Skills:

Lng VB.NET (4,24-30)
Lng SQL Triggers (4,24-30)
Lng SQL Stored Procedures (4,24-30)
Lng SQL Queries (4,24-30)
Lng SQL Microsoft T-SQL (4,24-30)
Lng SQL (4,24-30)
Lng C#.NET (4,24-30)
Lng ASP.NET (4,24-30)
Lng .NET (4,24-30)

Business Skills:

Business (4,42-48)


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  • Total 3+ years of IT Experience.

  • Good experience in Internet Technologies ASP.Net, C#.Net, VB.Net.

  • Good experience in Development tools like Visual studio.Net 2005/2008/2010.

  • Having good experience in Database Technologies MS SQL Server 2005/2008.

  • Experience in development of websites, Windows / web applications using .NET Technologies.

  • Good knowledge of the web/windows and associated interfaces.

  • Maintaining amicable relationship with one and all of team members. Patient and Cordial behavior in understanding the problems of the software development related to Development.

  • Strongly self-motivated, enthusiastic and ability to put up heart full effort in completing tasks with commitment.

  • Good interpersonal skills, result oriented, hard working with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies and undertake challenging tasks.

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