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Skills Summary of Candidate 40059

Employment Details:

Compuways ID:40059
Best Skills:Java MySQL
Experience in Best Skills:36-42
Total Experience:48-54
Salary Required:35 000pm
Academic Qualification:Degree
Industrial Qualification:.
Current Location:Randburg
For Locations:Johannesburg

1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert


Job Skills:

SDLC : Systems Analysis, Programming (Back-End)(Lng)(3,30-36)

Software Skills:

Lng C#.NET (3,30-36)
Lng C++ (3,30-36)
Lng XML (3,18-24)
Lng JAVA J2EE (3,18-24)
Lng JAVA J2ME (3,36-42)
Lng JAVA (3,36-42)

Business Skills:

Business (3,42-48)


Candidate has a Degree in Bachelor of Information Systems (Computer Science), he is currently training for his Sun Certification.

His Technical areas of expertise include writing algorithms and code using object oriented programming languages - Java and C# to develop Information Systems. His Advanced technical skills and knowledge areas include Java, C#, Visual basic. Frameworks-Hibernate, Struts, springs.

Candidate has a good understanding of the SDLC process, tools and techniques specifically as applied to software development methodology.
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