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Skills Summary of Candidate 39972

Employment Details:

Compuways ID:39972
Best Skills:C# Sharepoint
Experience in Best Skills:60-66
Total Experience:0-6
Salary Required:NEG
Academic Qualification:Degree
Industrial Qualification:.
Current Location:Springs
For Locations:Jhb Sandton Eastrand

1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert


Job Skills:

SDLC : Systems Analysis, Programming (Back-End)(Lng)(4,84-90)

Software Skills:

Lng JAVA (4,54-60)
Lng ASP.NET (4,66-72)
Lng .NET Sharepoint (4,60-66)

Business Skills:

Banking (4,72-78)
Business (3,36-42)


Excellent Caliber! Extensive experience Self Motivated and hardworking.
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