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Skills Summary of Candidate 28998

Employment Details:

Compuways ID:28998
Best Skills:Systems Engineer
Experience in Best Skills:42-48
Total Experience:48-54
Salary Required:Neg.
Academic Qualification:.
Industrial Qualification:.
Current Location:South Africa
For Locations:Jhb

1-Beginner, 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Above Average, 5-Expert


Job Skills:

ITs : Support End User / Server, Workstation - Hardware, Networking, Cabling (H/w)(O/S)(N/w)(4,42-48)

Software Skills:

N/w CISCO (3,30-36)
H/w BLACKBERRY (3,30-36)

Business Skills:

IT - Networking (4,30-36)
IT - Networking - WAN (Wide Area Networks) (4,30-36)
IT - Networking - LAN (Local Area Networks) (4,30-36)


Casper has experience across many IT systems,He is deadline driven and dedicated to providing excellence service and proactively seeking solutions
He is self motivated and an independent worker
He is well informed, always strives to keep up to date with emerging IT technologies
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